UT Southwestern Events Calendar


Mindfulness Meditation Practice Group​

Please join us for guided mindfulness meditation this Friday. When you join the meeting, please turn off your camera—we don’t need to see each other, and if...

4/10 12:15pm
Virtual Event
Virtual Tools Q&A and How-To

This session is an open Q&A on any of the new applications we have begun using to work remotely such as Teams, Planner or Zoom. We will answer all of your...

4/10 10am
Virtual Event
Grand Rounds - CPC

The resident is provided with a case that is unknown to them, and takes the audience through their differential diagnosis to come to a final diagnosis. The...

PeopleSoft Update Manager 1st Quarter Webinar

Please join us as we introduce and discuss the PeopleSoft changes that occurred from the most recent PUM update.

4/15 2pm
Virtual Event
Virtual SCCC Komen Breast Cancer Forum

Srinivas Malladi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Pathology, will be the featured virtual presenter for the April Komen Breast Cancer Forum. This special...

4/15 9am
Virtual Event
Nurses' Peer Support Lounge

Come as you are—the conversation will flow from there. NoMMaD (No More Moral Distress) facilitators will be present to support productive conversations and...

4/15 4pm
Virtual Event
Stock photo for lecture events

Amander Clark, Ph.D., Professor and Chair of the Department of Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology at the University of California Los Angeles will...

Modulating Mitochondrial Protein and RNA Translocation Pathways in Disease

Modulating Mitochondrial Protein and RNA Translocation Pathways in Disease - Lecture given by Dr. Carla Koehler

Tenure-Track Faculty Virtual Lunches

During this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, we must support each other and our frontline healthcare heroes. Let’s share our experiences and network to...

4/16 12pm
Virtual Event
Internal Medicine Grand Rounds: COVID-19 and Matters of the Heart

Speaker: Mark Drazner, M.D., MSc Professor, Department of Internal Medicine Division of Cardiology James M. Wooten Chair in Cardiology Contact Candace...

4/17 8am
Virtual Event