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Otolaryngology Skull Base Grand Rounds

Christopher Clark, M.D. Contact Shandala Monroe 214-648-9288

Dermatology Grand Rounds-2018-08-16

8:00 a.m., Virtual Patient Presentations and Discussion. 9:00 a.m., David Harker, MD Twitter Dermatology. Noelle Teske, MD Adapting a New Morphea-Sepcific...

Hamon Center Lab Conference-2018-08-16

Karine Pozo, PhD SCLC Targeting: Focus on ASCL1 and Associated Transcriptional Complexes. Simmons Bldg. (NB) 8.118. Contact Name:Angelique Whorton Contact...

Molecular Tumor Board

Multidisciplinary case review of somatic tumor testing: Interpreting actionable mutations, translating results reports into clinical care for patients, and...

School of Health Professions 50th Anniversary Celebration

Summer of '68 A celebration of the School of Health Professions 50th Anniversary. SHP Faculty and Staff You are invited to join the School of Health...

Colorectal Surgery Conference-2018-08-17

Farshid Araghizadeh, MD Clinicopathologic Conference. Outpatient Bldg. (WA) 4.102. Contact Name:Stacie Ball Contact Phone:214-645-8146

Internal Medicine Grand Rounds-2018-08-17

Caitlin Holt Siropaides, DO Communication: A High-Risk Procedure and the Task of Teaching Others. McDermott Plaza (D) 1.502. Contact Name:Joshua...

Mobile Mammography Unit

The Mobile Mammography Unit will be on South Campus (in front of Facilities Management, P building) from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Friday, Aug. 17. Appointments are...

Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Conference

Marc Salhanick, M.D. Parkland Morbidity and Mortality Conference. and Access Service Contact Heidi Lindsey 214-645-0550

Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center Distinguished Lecture Series

Origin Story: How Liver Damage and Regeneration Contribute to Cancer. Contact Name: Meredith Woosley Contact Phone: 214-648-1961