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Friday, January 25

Renal Grand Rounds: Monogenetic Disorders of Na Wastage

Speaker: Orson Moe, M.D. Professor of Internal Medicine Chief, Division of Nephrology Contact: Sydney Lawson | 214-645-6437 | Email

Adipose Tissue in Health and Disease: Why Should We Care?

Internal Medicine Grand Rounds Speaker: Philipp Scherer, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Internal Medicine Director, Touchstone Diabetes...

Ask the Expert: Winter Skin Relief

Our skin is the first to notice when the moisture in the air drops due to frigid temperatures outdoors and rising thermostats indoors. Learn how to take care...

Cancer Imaging Program and Joint Program in Biomedical Engineering Seminar Series: "Translating Opitical Molecular Imaging"

Speaker: Edward (Jim) Delikatny, Ph.D. Professor of Radiology Director, Small Animal Imaging Facility University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia,...

Endocrine Grand Rounds: Fat in the Blood, Fat in the Heart

Speaker: Ira Goldberg, M.D. Director, NYU Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism New York University Contact: Paula Johnson 214648-9439 Email

Friday, January 25