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Tuesday, January 8

Multidisciplinary Breast Conference

A. Marilyn Leitch, M.D. , discusses case presentations of breast cancer patients with multidisciplinary input; includes Pathology and Radiology visual...

Student Pizza Party

Join us for a slice or two of pizza! Can't think of a better way to reconnect with friends and have a break for lunch. The event we will be downstairs in the...

Neuroscience Seminar: "Super-resolution microscopy analysis of synaptic vesicle release sites, active zones, in aged or ALS neuromuscular junctions"

Hiroshi Nishimune, Ph.D., Associate Professor at University of Kansas School of Medicine. Title: "Super-resolution microscopy analysis of synaptic vesicle...

Conference photo

Title: "Regulation of Cell Death and Host Defense during Bacterial Infection" Speaker: Igor Brodsky, Ph.D. Host: Dr. Neal Alto Contact: Marina Staber

Physiology Special Seminar

Scott Owen, Ph.D. - Postdoctoral Fellow, Gladstone Institutes (San Francisco, CA) Talk Title: "Inhibitory tuning of neuronal circuits and behavior"

Ethics Grand Rounds: Universal Genomic Testing of Newborns

Universal Genomic Testing of Newborns: Bowl of Cherries or Can of Worms? Speaker: Angela E. Scheuerle, M.D., Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Division...

Renal Grand Rounds: Hypernatremia

Speaker: Henry Quinones, M.D. Associate Professor of Internal Medicine Division of Nephrology Contact: Sydney Lawson 214-645-6437 Email revised 1/9/18

Radiation Oncology Grand Rounds: Building a Program of Excellence in Kidney Cancer

The Department of Radiation Oncology is hosting a Grand Rounds with our guest lecturer being Jim Brugarolas, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Brugarolas is the Director of...

Special Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center Seminar: "Precision Medicine in GI Cancer"

Michael Pishvaian, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, Georgetown University will present "Precision Medicine in GI Cancer".

Tuesday, January 8