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Join a panel of experts from Advisory Board and Optum Life Sciences as they explain why they believe 2024 is a pivotal year for the entire pharmaceutical value chain. Medicare Advantage growth, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), and new challenges raised by novel products such as GLP-1s and cell and gene therapies will require manufacturers to evolve to address new provider, payer, and patient needs driven by significant changes in the identities of these stakeholders as a result of shifting sites of care and healthcare economics. The panel will include:  Sheenu Kachru, CEO of Optum Life Sciences; Lou Brooks, SVP of Real-World Data & Analytics for Optum Life Sciences; Natalie Trebes, Managing Director of Advisory Board's Executive Strategy Research; and John League, Managing Director of Advisory Board’s Digital Health Research. This session will be moderated by Solomon Banjo, Managing Director of Advisory Board's Life Sciences Research and will include time for Q&A.

Things you'll learn:

  • Much attention is focused on the IRA, but it is just one element of a whole of government focus on drugs. Why is that happening now, and what does it mean for life sciences leaders?
  • Patient demand for GLP-1s is through the roof, but what can these products tell us about new challenges manufacturers will have to overcome to gain market access?
  • How can tools like AI, and Real World Data augment pharma strategy given these competitive headwinds?


Solomon Banjo, Managing Director, Advisory Board

Sheenu Kachru, Chief Executive Officer, Optum Life Sciences

Lou Brooks, Senior Vice President, Real-World Data & Analytics, Optum Life Sciences

Natalie Trebes, Managing Director, Executive Strategy Research, Advisory Board

John League, Managing Director, Digital Health Research, Advisory Board

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