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The Employee Advisory Council will host a blood drive with Carter BloodCare at two on-campus locations on Wednesday, Aug. 10. Make an appointment (click the location): 


Due to social distancing, it is best to schedule an appointment. Register on the bus upon your arrival and provide your cell phone number. You may be asked to wait in your vehicle or at designated space until space is available on the bus. During the time, you can access our Quick Screen tool (will be sent later) to answer health screening questions if you had not done prior to your arrival. Have your driver’s license or valid photo ID for donation.


  • Social Distancing: Implementation of separated drive set up to allow as much distance as possible between donors and capacity of donors in blood drive space. Carter BloodCare is only able to see six donors per hour. Appointments are very important in adhering to social distancing processes.
  • Enhanced Disinfecting: Hand sanitizer will be available at check-in, also at health history and refreshment areas. Donors will be asked to use hand sanitizer prior to using tablets and laptops. Donor beds will be sanitized between each and every donor.
  • Pre-Donation Donor Temperature Screening: All donors will be asked to have their temperature taken. If a donor has a temperature greater than 99.5 they will be asked to come back to donate when they are healthy and they will have to leave the drive. Non-donors will be asked to wait outside and not enter the blood drive.
  • Staff Wellness and Protection: All staff will wear gloves and masks through the entire blood drive, changing gloves between each and every blood donor. Our donors will be asked to wear a mask and given one if they do not have one with them.  
  • Blood Donor Deferrals: If a donor has had contact with a person who has or is suspected to have the virus will be automatically deferred.
  • On-going Efforts: Carter BloodCare is focused on COVID-19 safety measures and we will continue to work with health agencies and partners to evaluated all emerging risks to ensure safety and availability of our blood supply for patients in need.  
  • Increased Educational Materials: Donor information material on COVID-19 is available to all donors at every blood drive. 

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