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Whether you are a project manager managing projects, a team member on a project, or just wanting to know how projects are run, this Leadercamp will provide you with the highlights of planning and executing projects in a nutshell. Project Management has many different varieties – traditional waterfall, Agile, and hybrid process combining the two. This Leadercamp will explore all of these. To ensure project success, great project managers set expectations and get agreement first. There are a number of things that must be put in place to ensure project success, and they form the project charter: a living document used throughout the project.

Participants will learn about the basics of project management and requirements gathering to determine project scope, and stakeholder identification and analysis to enable understanding the players and managing their expectations. The resulting project charter will form an agreement between the project team and the sponsor/client to achieve project success. In this first Leadercamp of a four-part series on Project Management, PMP and Managing Partner at Lemmex Williams Training, Merri Lemmex will highlight some aspects of successfully launching a project.  

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