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Ninth Annual Donald W. Seldin Research Symposium

Poster Sessions


Sponsored by the Department of Internal Medicine


The Seldin Symposium has been held annually since 2016. Since that time the Internal Medicine residents and fellows have submitted over 500 poster presentations for the event. The conference highlights the Department’s strengths in research, education, and patient care through a celebration of the collaborations between trainees and faculty. Poster presentations ranging from fundamental biology to quality improvement will be on display.


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About Donald W. Seldin

Donald W. Seldin, is heralded as the guiding force and architect of UT Soutwestern, one of the preeminent academic medical institutions in the United States. Dr. Seldin’s tenure at UT Southwestern began in 1951 when he arrived in Dallas from Yale to discover the entire campus of UT Southwesternwas  a set of military barracks and a brick building in disrepair. By the middle of 1951, Dr. Seldin was the sole remaining full-time faculty member at UT Southwestern, and by default Chair of the Department of Medicine. Through community engagement and collaboration with local physicians, Dr. Seldin built the Department of Medicine upon a foundation that still underpins the strength of UT Southwestern today: its trainees. By personally selecting the most promising talent, sending them across the country to study with the best scientific minds of their time with the promise to return, Dr. Seldin’s faculty tree bloomed with distinction and accomplishment. Daniel Foster. Michael Brown. Jean Wilson. Floyd Rector. Norm Kaplan. His personal encouragement of Joseph Goldstein to study genetics instead of neurosurgery, and his suggestion of partnership with Michael Brown, culminated in their Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.


Throughout his 37-year tenure as Chair, Dr. Seldin never wavered in his advocacy that anchored the Department to the mission of the clinical scholar – advancing a fundamental understanding of human health, disease and its treatment via research. During the evolution of academic medicine and its increasing clinical demands, Dr. Seldin’s leadership ensured that research flourished as a key emphasis in the tripartite academic mission. He emphasized the definition of a medicine faculty as clinicians who pursued innovation, discovery of new knowledge and its transmission to others. He emphasized the intertwined relationship between research and clinical medicine, noting that “the critical observation and analysis of disease contributes both to good medical care and new knowledge.” Without his guiding hand, it is hard to imagine that UT Southwestern would have achieved its stature in world-renowned research or trained so many gifted and successful physicians still serving in Texas and across the United States. Simply put, it is hard to imagine UT Southwestern Medical Center without Donald W. Seldin. 

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