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“Cancer Genomics: Population Screening to Early Detection to Precision Interception”



Niloy Jewel Samadder, MD
Professor and Vice Chair of Internal Medicine
Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Mayo Clinic-Arizona


About Niloy Samadder:

Dr. Samadder earned his medical degree at the University of Toronto, where he also received internal medicine training. He completed Fellowships in gastroenterology and cancer genetics at the University of Michigan, where he also earned a master's of science in health & healthcare Research. He also holds a bachelor's of science in combined biology and pharmacy from McMaster University. His clinical focus is in the areas of hereditary cancer syndromes and endoscopic oncology. Specifically, genetic epidemiology and outcomes of patients with hereditary cancer syndromes.


He directs the high risk cancer clinic at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, which provides genetic consultation and testing to patients with early onset cancer, rare cancers and hereditary cancers. Specifically this practice provides clinical management to patients with an inherited cancer syndrome, including (but not limited to) those with Lynch syndrome, FAP, MAP, Li Fraumeni syndrome, BRCA syndromes or any other cancer genetic syndrome. This clinic will provide patients with a single point of contact for all of their genetic testing and cancer screening, including genetic screening of relatives.


Dr. Samadder's research focuses on the role of genetics in cancer development, prevention and therapy and the care of patients with hereditary cancer syndromes. His work concentrates on understanding the role of inherited genes in the predisposition to developing cancer, application of genetic testing in the clinical practice to optimize the care of patients with cancer and opportunities for chemoprevention in patients with an inherited predisposition to colorectal cancer.

Dr. Samadder leads efforts to increase genetic evaluation and testing of patients with cancer. Most recently, he led a multicenter clinical trial of proactive multigene panel testing in all Mayo Clinic patients newly diagnosed with cancer. He is also leading multiple clinical trials using medications to prevent cancer in patients with a genetic predisposition to the disease. His research findings have been published in leading academic journals.


Dr. Samadder is also leading multiple clinical trials using medications to prevent cancers in these patients. He is also leading efforts to increase genetic evaluation and testing of cancer patients throughout the entire Mayo health system.




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