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UTSW National Bike Month Bingo

May is National Bike to Work Month.  Let’s play UTSW Bike Month Bingo!

Go to your Living Well Platform and click on the activity tile “UTSW Bike Month Bingo”.  Here you will mark the activities that you have completed during the month.  And just like bingo if you get 5 in a row you have completed the card.  You can get 5 horizontals, vertical, or diagonal as long as it is 5 across.

You will have access to upload your completed card in the platform.  You have until the end of May to complete the card and submit.  Winners will receive a “Limited Edition UTSW Bike Survival Kit”.

Happy Biking!

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Register online first, then once completed you may download the UT Living Well app powered by Limeade ONE, enter "University of Texas" / "UTX".

NOTE: You must register and log in online first before you can download the app.

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