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Is there a friend or family member in your life who you know, or suspect is misusing drugs or alcohol? How do you approach this relationship without enabling the person or how do you establish boundaries? These questions are quite common in these situations and navigating the answers can be quite tricky! The stigma around substance use may prevent open dialogue between you and your other friends/family members, and this can lead to you feeling isolated. You may find yourself struggling at work, home, or in social settings. We will utilize the disease model of addiction to work to understand substance use and how to go about the relationship with someone who is struggling with it. We will also touch on if a co-worker is misusing substances and how to respond.

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Register for this Employee Assistance Program (EAP) training seminar in Taleo Learn by searching for the title, “What do I do? Someone I know is using/misusing alcohol or drugs.”

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