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Biochemistry Seminar Series: Guy Poirier, Ph.D.

Guy Poirier, Ph.D., with Laval University – CHU de Québec, will be presenting “Cross-talk between covalent and non-covalent PARylation during DNA damage...

11/15 12pm
Biochemistry Special Seminar: Jennifer Roizen, Ph.D.

Jennifer Roizen, Ph.D., with Duke University, will present “Masked Alcohols and Amines Guide Position-Selective C– H Functionalization Reactions.” The...

11/29 12pm
Biochemistry Seminar Series: Christian Kastrup, Ph.D.

Christian Kastrup, Ph.D., with The University of British Columbia will be presenting “Materials and Mechanisms that Control Coagulation and Hemorrhage”. The...

12/6 12pm
Biochemistry  Seminar Series: Cunqi Ye, Ph.D.

Cunqi Ye, Ph.D., with UT Southwestern Medical Center will be presenting “Histones: Tunable methyl repositories by membrane phospholipids and the phosphatase...

12/13 12pm
Biochemistry Special Seminar: Anthony Burgett, Ph.D.

Anthony Burgett, Ph.D. with Oklahoma University will be presenting “Novel Anti-Viral and Precision Anti-Cancer Therapeutic Development Through Targeting the...

12/18 12pm

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