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Continuing medical education (CME) courses offered through UT Southwestern’s Office of Continuing Medical Education help us keep physicians, Ph.D.s, and allied health professionals at the leading edge of medicine.

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Dr. Kalil Abdullah, M.D.

"Novel Preclinical Modeling of Glioma: From Operating Room to Bench and Back" Presented by Dr. Kalil Abdullah, M.D. Assistant Professor, Neurological...

5/12 12pm
Olu Ajilore, MD,PhD

"From Connectome to Behaviorome: Network Approaches to Understanding Mood and Cognition" Presented by: Olusola Ajilore, M.D., Ph.D. Associate Professor...

5/12 12pm
Emina Huang, M.D.

Junior researchers take the spotlight at the annual Surgery Research Forum on May 19, 2021. The forum, which is in its 23rd year, is sponsored by the...

5/19 7am
Dr. Marc Diamond, M.D.

"Tau Prions: Using Functional Genetic Approaches to Define Pathological Tau Structues & Classify Tauopathies" Presented by: Dr. Marc Diamond, M.D.,...

5/19 12pm

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