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UT Southwestern Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences provides students with unprecedented opportunities to interact with internationally recognized faculty members, use state-of-the-art equipment in advanced labs, and participate in the discovery and transmission of knowledge to solve complex health challenges.

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"Cis-regulatory Elements and Disease-associated Variants in Brain Development and Disease" Yin Shen, Ph.D. Associate Professor Department of...

9/20 12pm
Craig Crandall, Ph.D.

Speaker: Craig Crandall, Ph.D., Professor of Internal Medicine , UT Southwestern Director of the Thermal and Vascular Physiology at the Institute for...

9/22 12:30pm
Nieng Yan, Ph.D.

Speaker: Nieng Yan, Ph.D. Shirley M Tilghman Professor of Molecular Biology Princeton University Title: “How is electrical signal generated? Structural and...

9/23 11am
Dissertation Defense - Ningyan Cheng

Ningyan Cheng, Ph.D. Candidate Genetics, Development & Disease Graduate Program “Cohesin Promotes Myelination Transcriptional Program in...

9/24 9am
Tobias Hohl, MD, Ph.D.

Speaker: Tobias Hohl, MD, Ph.D. Chief of infectious Diseases Service at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center​, New York Title: "Tracking fungi to...

9/24 10:30am

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